May 21, 2013

CU Tips and Tricks - Edge Clusters

Hi Peeps

I love making Border/Edge Clusters for my kit, so I wanted to share a little inspiration with all of you on what you can do and how to stretch your stash.

For this tutorial I am working with Shabby Kisses and CU Curves and I am using PSE 6

First up I have opened the CU_Curves02.png on a 12x12" canvas

 To stretch my stash and make a page cluster I am gonna duplicate the CU_Curves02.png (ctrl+J) and rotate it 180 degrees and alligne it with the first to make a new curve.

Merge them when you got the look you like (ctrl+E). Now add a paper of your choice

Now the real fun begins - now you are gonna be adding elements and making layers, remember to shadow each layer for the best effect. 
NB: I like to start with a string or curved ribbon and build around that when I make my clusters.

The last thing you do is to trim it, and make sure you done leave to much room around the edges since that adds to the size of your files. I use WendyZine's Trim it, to minimize the extra pixels

I hope you like the tips and tricks I have shown you here, make sure to check in again later, I will make sure to give you more later :)


  1. Thanks for the tip! thanks for the borders, so generous of you!

  2. You are welcome Dana - I hope you are gonna have as much fun with them as I have had :D

  3. Hi sus, I signed up for your email but was hoping to be able to purchase these templates but am unable to find them in your shop?
    Can you help

  4. Yes I can help, I am gonna have them in next the newsletter also, and then they will be in the store - and if you are in a super hurry to get them send me a mail at :)

  5. thanks for getting back sus, will get an email off to you asap xx